Jack Michael was born in 1944, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  He grew up in an evangelical church, and prayed to receive Jesus Christ as Savior at an early age.

In 1968, when he graduated from college, Jack entered the United States Marine Corps.  During a 10-year stay in the Marines, he served a combat tour of duty in the Vietnam War, and achieved the rank of Captain.

In 1976, due to the influence of other Marine Corps Officers, who were Spirit-filled Christians, Jack was baptized with the Holy Spirit.  This strong experience, which was not taught in his childhood church, greatly changed his life, and propelled him into the ministry in November of 1978.

For 14 years, Jack served the Lord in Hawaii, serving in pastoral positions, and also conducting outreach ministry throughout the islands of Hawaii, and to other South Pacific island destinations, including: American Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, The Solomon Islands, and Western Samoa.

In 1992, Jack, and his wife, Barbara, and their two daughters moved back to North Carolina to be closer to aging parents.  From his ministry base in North Carolina, he continued ministering to the diverse peoples who inhabit islands, conducting a number of ministry trips to Jamaica.

In 1997, Jack experienced another life changing event.  During his first trip to Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob powerfully influenced his heart, and imparted a love for Israel, and a love for God’s original Chosen People.

May of 2000 brought the most dramatic change in the history of Jack’s ministry.  The Spirit of the Lord said to him: “I have called you as a Watchman on the Walls to the body of Christ.”  As a Watchman, he is fulfilling the unique calling of: PREPARING GOD’S PEOPLE FOR THE END TIMES.